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Robin and I have seen and interviewed 100s of candidates.

We can tell you that the very best do 5 things differently:

2. They Don’t Only Use The Front Door (Application Forms)

Everyone else is waiting in that line.


Instead, they hop out of line and find another way in.


That way is typically via referral. 


We make it very easy to do that. Through you guys, for example.


But the best don’t stop with you guys. They ask even more questions and smoothly approach us directly as well.

1. They Understand What’s ‘Special’ About Themselves 

They don’t just summarise their experience.


They make it clear why they are different than the competition.


Then they present that clearly when they apply.

3. They Don’t Talk About Value, They Prove It, And They Speak ‘Our Language’

They go beyond a CV, LinkedIn profile or introduction video to show what they can do.


They have portfolios, new proposals, social media with good engagement (such as a popular YouTube channel or LinkedIn account) or article suggestions.


They don’t use American terms like “sophomore”, and they made an effort to learn how to pronounce “Ravenscroft & Schmierer”.

4. They Are Proactive, They Follow Up

They don’t just observe and react.


They are putting themselves in the hiring team’s shoes.


They are thinking two steps ahead.


Then they are acting on both.


They follow up and ask for feedback. They ask if there’s something they could improve or help with.


They keep communications and messages short and to the point.

5. They Are Genuinely Curious and Flexible

They have clearly done their research.


They ask great questions and bring in new ideas.


They don’t just give up when their preferred time slot isn’t available. They keep in contact and negotiate until an offer is agreed.

So if you are applying for internships or other opportunities, and you want to stand out and significantly increase your chance of getting offers, do these 5 things.

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