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Trainee Solicitor FAQ


Are trainees rotated through different seats?

Our firms consists of several different departments and, where possible, we want to ensure that all trainees do rotate through these departments. This does not only help our trainees to become as familiar as possible with our firm, but also helps the trainees to understand better their field of law in which they would like to focus after their trainee contract.

What is the major clientele for the firm?

We have an international outreach with clients based in Europe, Mainland China, the Americas as well as Hong Kong. We deal with various cultures and expectations on a daily basis, giving us exposure to a broad market.

Would trainees be required to know German?

Ravenscroft & Schmierer is an international full-service law firm that has clientele from all over the world with a German Desk. It is not necessary to speak German but it is an advantage if operating and working with German clients.

Is the firm split into teams?

Yes, we have different teams, but it is quite usual that there is a lot of interaction between the teams and many cases are handled by more than one team.

How would you describe the work environment of the firm?

At Ravenscroft & Schmierer, we have an open door policy with all staff and are approachable, whenever you require assistance. We strive to stay genuine, good natured and helpful while working as a team to assist our clients and offer solutions to them in the best way possible.

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