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From Marketing to Law: Exploring a Transformative Internship at Ravenscroft & Schmierer

Discover how I merged my passions for marketing, business and law during my summer internship at Ravenscroft & Schmierer. From organising the inspiring Campus Ambassador evening to unlocking the power of LinkedIn and building new relationships, this journey has been truly transformative. Join me as I share my internship highlights!

Author: Kyla Fernandez, Marketing & Operations Intern

Mark, Kristen and I at the firm’s Summer BBQ Party filming for Kristen’s internship video.

Discovering the Perfect Opportunity: Bridging Business and Law

As a recent BBA Marketing graduate and an incoming Juris Doctor student at CityU, my desire to merge my passions for marketing, business and law led me on a search to find a summer opportunity that would allow me to gain experience in the legal industry. However, I knew that securing a legal internship, especially without any connections in the Hong Kong legal industry, would be a challenge. Determined, I decided to leverage my existing strengths and qualifications in business and marketing to seek a role within a law firm.

It was during this search that I stumbled upon a LinkedIn job post for Ravenscroft & Schmierer. The position offered a unique opportunity for someone with a business background to contribute to the firm's marketing and operations. I couldn't believe my luck when I realised that this opportunity aligned perfectly with what I wanted to achieve this summer.

Me about to conduct an interview through MS Teams video call.

As I got near the end of my month-long internship, I reflected on the journey I embarked upon and the invaluable experiences I gained along the way. This role has provided me with a unique vantage point, allowing me to observe and participate in the legal world through the lens of my business background.

Planning and Executing Events: The Campus Ambassador Evening

During my first week at Ravenscroft & Schmierer, I was entrusted with the responsibility of planning and executing the 2023 Campus Ambassador evening event held at our Sai Ying Pun office. I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as I delved into finalising presentation slides, confirming the guest list, preparing materials and equipment, and rehearsing with other speakers to ensure the seamless execution of the event.

Me presenting for the Campus Ambassador evening.

As the event unfolded, my biggest highlight was meeting and connecting with the students who attended. Witnessing individuals from diverse backgrounds and universities together in one room was truly inspiring. The atmosphere was filled with fellowship and intellectual curiosity, making it a lovely experience to engage in conversations and learn about their unique journeys in the legal field. As an incoming law student, this event gave me valuable insights and a network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the law.

Attendees of the Campus Ambassador event mingling with each other.

The success of the Campus Ambassador evening was evident in the positive feedback we received from the attendees and online. The event showcased the firm's commitment to fostering meaningful relationships with students and demonstrated its dedication to nurturing the next generation of legal professionals.

Leveraging LinkedIn: Unlocking the Power of Professional Networking

Throughout my internship, one of the most significant lessons I learned was the importance of LinkedIn in the professional world.

My (second ever) post on LinkedIn about the success of the Campus Ambassador evening.

Recognising its potential as a powerful networking and career development platform, I dedicated time and effort to maximise my presence on LinkedIn and witnessed firsthand its numerous benefits, particularly in the business and legal sectors.

One of my primary achievements on LinkedIn was growing my online connections, specifically focusing on expanding my network within the legal field and connecting with individuals with a legal background. These connections expanded my professional network and provided me with opportunities for mentorship, guidance, and industry insights.

I also experienced an influx of messages from applicants seeking advice and tips on their applications. This was especially prominent after I shared a LinkedIn post about the Campus Ambassador event. Through these conversations, I had the privilege of offering guidance and support to aspiring professionals, sharing my experiences, and providing valuable insights into the firm. It was immensely satisfying to contribute to the growth and development of others, leveraging my own experiences to assist and inspire those looking to work at the firm.

Building New Relationships: Colleague Support and Mentorship

One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship experience has been working alongside my colleagues at Ravenscroft & Schmierer. Since I joined the team, they have embraced me with open arms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that has made my internship truly enjoyable.

Group photo of my colleagues during our summer BBQ party.

I am grateful for the willingness of my colleagues to share their experiences and knowledge with me, especially when it comes to navigating the legal field. They have been instrumental in answering my questions and providing guidance as I embark on my journey towards a career in law.

The relationships I built with my colleagues during my internship remain valuable to me, especially since two of my workmates are attending the same university as me to pursue their PCLL (Postgraduate Certificate in Laws). This shared experience creates a unique bond, as we can support and guide each other throughout our legal education and beyond. Our relationships also extend beyond the workplace. We have formed genuine connections, enjoying conversations about work and our personal lives, hobbies, and aspirations. These connections have made the overall working environment more vibrant and enjoyable.

Reflecting on my internship, my relationships with my colleagues stand out as one of the most significant takeaways. The pleasure of working alongside such lovely individuals who are willing to share their experiences, offer guidance, and support one another has made my internship experience truly memorable. I am grateful for the connections I formed and look forward to nurturing and strengthening these relationships as I progress in my legal career.

Watch my video to see a week in my life as a Marketing & Operations intern here.

If you want to learn more about what a week looks like for a marketing and operations intern at Ravenscroft & Schmierer, watch the above video I filmed and edited for my internship.


Kyla Fernandez is a recent BBA Marketing graduate based in Hong Kong and will begin her Juris Doctor degree at CityU (City University of Hong Kong) in September 2023. She hopes to continue to bridge her passions for business and law and aspires to grow her professional career in corporate law.

Kyla Danella Fernandez

Marketing & Operations Intern

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