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Internship FAQ


What is the application process?

Depending on what kind of internship you apply, the length of your internship and whether or not you require a visa, the application process can differ considerably.
However, we often process applications in the following way:

1. Apply through LinkedIn or our website
2. Invitation to submit a video introduction
3. Follow up regarding transcripts and certificates
4. Potential further interview(s) (video and/or in person)
5. Reference and background checks
6. Offer 

When is the application period?

We hire interns all year round. For local interns who do not require a visa, the application process usually takes place a few months to weeks prior to the start of your desired internship. At any given time, we usually have one to two interns at our firm. That said, the highest demand and most competitive time of the year for internships are the months of June, July and August when students in Hong Kong are on their summer break.

How long does it take for the firm to respond to my application?

We aim to respond to every candidate who has submitted their application as soon as possible. However, due to the high volume of applications we receive, our response may be delayed. We ask for your patience and invite you to follow up on your application at any time, ideally by phone.

What is the duration of an internship?

The duration of an internship may vary, depending on your availability and our capacity. Internships for local Hong Kong students last approximately one month. If you require a visa, we usually require that you are available for a minimum of three months.

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What are my duties as an intern?

This depends on what kind of internship you are interested in, and may include conducting legal research, bundling, document drafting, engaging in marketing activities, as well as other duties which are appropriate given your level of skills and experience.

s is common in the Hong Kong legal profession, please do take note that working hours tend to be quite long, and rarely stay within the 9am - 6pm timeframe, whatever your function might be.

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Can I apply If I'm a non-law student?

We offer internships in multiple areas, such as:

- Legal

- Compliance/CSR

- Marketing/Videography/Editing

- Accounting/Finance

- Operations/HR

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