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6 Additional Nationalities To Travel Visa-Free to Mainland China

Today 7 March 2024, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC announced that an additional 6 nationalities will be allowed to travel visa-free to Mainland China. The new arrangement will take effect on 14 March as part of a trial of about 8 months, ending on 30 November 2024. The newly included nationalities are Swiss, Austrian, Irish, Luxembourgish, Belgian and Hungarian.

Author: Stefan Schmierer, Managing Partner

As reported end of November last year in this article on our website, the Mainland of China commenced a one-year trial for 5 EU Nationalities and Malaysians to travel visa-free into China.

Today, during a press conference in Beijing, as part of the second session of the 14th National People’s Congress, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, shared the news that visa-free travel will be granted to 6 additional nationalities.

Regular passport holders from Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and Hungary may enter China visa-free during a trial period which is slated for about 8 months, from 14 March to 30 November 2024.

With the information available, conditions of travel during this trial period appear to be similar to the ones reported on in our previous article.

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