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David Ravenscroft

Senior Consultant

David has had a broad general practice for many years and now focuses on notarial work and mediation. He is a mediator accredited with the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the Law Society of Hong Kong, CEDR and the Asian International Arbitration Centre.


David has both attended and conducted numerous seminars, lectures and workshops on mediation and has written on mediation for Hong Kong Lawyer and Asia Dispute Review. He has also attended an internship at mediation offices in California.

In 2023 David was mentioned in the asialaw ranking 2023 as a 'notable' mediator.

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David Ravenscroft Senior Consultant

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''To provide effective, resourceful, creative and efficient online mediation to parties anywhere in the world''


Blue and Red Glove

​2016 © Hong Kong Lawyer

Available in English

Summary: two recent Court of Appeal cases, illustrate circumstances in which courts will waive the confidentiality attached to mediation and without prejudice communications on the ground of “unambiguous impropriety”.

Keywords: Crane World, Ferster vs Ferster, Mediation, Unilever, impropriety

Asian Dispute Review Logo

2007 © Asian DR

Available in English

Summary: discusses the application of confidentiality and its significance in the context of mediation, with particular reference to the exceptions permitted under the Mediation ordinance (Cap 620), primarily those by leave of the Court.

Keywords: negotiation, emotions, advice, nature, discussion

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