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From Literature Major to Marketing Intern, and Now a LLB Student

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A Legal Learning Curve

There are multiple strategies for law firms to deliver value and speak to their target audience. My role at Ravenscroft & Schmierer was to enhance communication, not only towards existing but also potential clients.

Launching a Newsletter Campaign

My first task was to create, design and distribute a newsletter campaign. While I had gained theoretical knowledge of digital marketing based on my teaching experiences, as well as having operated a small business on Instagram, I never had any hands-on experience in running a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. To get started, I began searching for suitable email marketing packages, which were based on the volume of our current contacts and provided user-friendly templates. After several meetings and intense research, I found a suitable software for our email campaigns and set off to design Ravenscroft & Schmierer’s very first newsletter. But it did not take much time to get interrupted, as I was flooded with technical issues regarding the authentication of domains and sender email addresses arose. Communication with colleagues and external service providers were crucial to successfully address and resolve these issues.

The IT jargon was challenging, but the firm was understanding and patient with my progress, and giving me enough time to evaluate and establish all the necessary terms and steps. With the help of my colleagues, we launched the first and several subsequent newsletters. Throughout this process, I gained more knowledge than expected and am confident that this will assist me in my future career.

Ongoing Reviews and Adjustments

The design process of a marketing campaigns requires ongoing reviews. Marketers often refine their content to optimise results. After distributing monthly newsletters, I kept examining analytics reports ranging from open rates, click performances and campaign benchmarking. With these reviews, I was able to adjust our strategies to optimise communication with our audience. For instance, our first newsletter had relatively low engagement compared to our peers as I was just getting a taste of the necessary admin work, not accounting the user experience. Following this, I adjusted our content in our second newsletter, using catchier titles and displaying more visual content, which increased the click rate significantly.

Video Production and Editing

Video production was another part of my role, to keep our YouTube channel up and running. After researching what our peers did, I became more aware of what information clients would be interested in. Crypto markets and banking updates seemed to transform dramatically over the last year, which was reflected in our existing legal updates and articles of our litigation partner Anna Lau, who specialises in the crypto field. I was happy to see that the video we published where interns, who were new to the industry, interviewed a partner at our firm, reached over 1’000 views and counting.


Helen To was born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from Hong Kong Shue Yan University with a distinction in 2021, completing her Master of Arts in Multi and Interdisciplinary Studies.

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