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Law Firm Marketing: Overrated?

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Marketing and Digital Strategy has been my academic interest because of the available opportunities there are for my career path and the rising demand for digital strategies in companies around the globe. Today, most purchasing decisions are made online creating an essential need for a professional online presence.

Before this internship, I had some experience and knowledge about social media platforms, email marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), event management and content management systems, such as WordPress, from previous internships. I was comfortable with all the marketing software provided but hesitant to create content based on legal services.

As I am currently an undergraduate student in marketing and digital strategies. I know that digital marketing is a combination of art and science. Studying about the various digital touchpoints of marketing gave me the confidence to acquire practical experience.

I did not deliver any coffee, instead I did...

Marketing Plans

An internship with a full-service law firm means accepting a range of duties and responsibilities designed to enhance your knowledge of legal marketing. The legal industry was new to me at first, so I created a detailed marketing plan. This I believe, would not only be useful to the firm during my internship, but also of benefit in the future. It also helped me with developing marketing goals and understanding legal services in more details.

Content Creation

Copywriting and storytelling are the key takeaways I gained from this internship. Professional external communications is vital for successful marketing. From website editing to article writing, it was a thrilling experience for me. I am happy to have published the following two interviews and one press release during my time with Ravenscroft & Schmierer:

My desk at the Ravenscroft & Schmierer office.

Social Media Marketing

One of my goals was to post regularly from our LinkedIn and Twitter account. LinkedIn is known for networking, building a strong professional reputation and brand building, which helps acquire new clients. One important element I had learned, was engaging with our followers and audience. As for YouTube channel, creating and editing videos was crucial.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

Writing and constructing newsletters was a lively task. I was confident creating the newsletters layout and features, - as I had conducted similar tasks during previous intern. During my internship with Ravenscroft & Schmierer, I helped published newsletters to our growing number of subscribers. One of the goals of sending out a newsletter was to get subscribers to take a specific action, such as visiting our website or social media platforms.

Events and Webinars

Event management is one of my core strengths, thanks to my experience at GoodLab, a think-and-do tank for social innovation in Hong Kong, where I interned last year, as they taught me how to plan and execute events professionally. I enjoyed organising and hosting two webinars for students from the University of Hong Kong, as well as a series of CV clinic sessions during their virtual career fair. These events were a success for the firm, as we received a lot of positive feedback from students. Thanks again to all the students who joined us for these events!

HKU Virtual Career Talk on 17 February 2022.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There is no doubt that Google is likely one of the first platforms where someone would search for information about law firms in Hong Kong. The planning of advertising campaigns and discussions about the performance of SEO strategies is a one of the skills a marketing professional should master, to reach a targeted audience on Google. I learned that the right settings and ad content can play a core role in promoting businesses and increasing online traffic.

Analytics Reports

Previous interns had assisted in creating monthly reports for social media and newsletters. These reports were based on the available data from platforms such as MailChimp, LinkedIn and YouTube. Moreover, Google Ads can be analysed with the help of reports generated from previously launched marketing campaigns. I communicated with my colleagues about the performance of each platform and provided suggestions on how to improve content quality. I learned to utilise my virtual communication skills to present the data accurately and precisely.

Preparing monthly social media analytic reports.

Market Research

Besides content quality, it was important to learn on which platform our audience were spending the most amount of time. Searching for creative content, researching legal updates or hot topics in the legal industry were important for someone like me who was new to the world of law firms. This helped me to understand how our competitors were performing, what services were in demand are as well as learning about our clients.

Spilling the Coffee

My mentor once said, you can gain excellent verbal and written communication, organisational, and prioritisation skills in an established, reputable, and growing business. I strongly agree with this, as I had the opportunity to work with all team members on various tasks and projects.

I would like to thank everyone at Ravenscroft & Schmierer for their guidance and time during this internship. I am grateful for such an amazing opportunity which has prepared me better for the future.


Nazahat-Riaz was born and raised in Hong Kong.

“ I have always been passionate about digital marketing, as I believe establishing the right digital marketing strategies can help firms reach the right message at the right time.”


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